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How Much Are Root Canals?

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Have you ever been faced with a throbbing tooth, and wondered, “How much are root canals?” If you’re suffering from tooth or gum discomfort, and require a root canal, this is an important question. Because a root canal is necessary if the tooth is infected or decayed. And though cost shouldn’t be a factor, it’s […]

Missing Teeth Don’t Have to Be an Issue


The Dental Views explains that people with missing teeth, even if they are in the back of the mouth, will still have issues. Even one missing tooth will cause problems for the rest of your smile. Firstly, every tooth has a purpose. Secondly, any tooth that you lose will only make things worse for the […]

Dental Implants and a Smile Makeover for a New You


With locations in Southern California and Arizona, there is no excuse not to have the smile of your dreams. From customized smile makeovers to dental implants for missing teeth you really can have it all. But first, you have to schedule an appointment with The Dental Views. Customized Smile Makeovers If your teeth and gums […]

A Dental Implant for the Best Fit

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If you are one of those people who believe they won’t qualify for dental implants,  or even a single dental implant, you are not alone. There are thousands if not millions of people across the globe who believe they aren’t candidates. Either because they wear dentures or because they have been missing teeth for years. […]