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Custom Made Mouthguards for the Family

April is the time to schedule an appointment with The Dental Views. With locations in Southern California and Arizona, it is easy to have custom made mouthguards made for every member of your family for National Facial Protection Month.

Sponsored by The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the Academy for Sports Dentistry the entire month of April reminds everyone the importance facial protection.

What is National Face Protection Month?

Spring has sprung and that means more people out and about playing sports. National Face Protection Month reminds everyone that wearing a helmet saves lives, but that isn’t the only reason it is celebrated.

While most parents and caregivers agree that helmets and kneepads are part of the sports uniform, most are not aware of how important mouth protectors are.

Mouthguards prevent over 200,000 dental accidents and injuries every year. While some sports require mouth protectors, such as hockey and football, others don’t have a mandate for them, but should. In fact, everyone who plays sports should have a mouth protector.

All Sports Matter for Custom Made Mouthguards

According to The Dental Views, people who surf, play tennis and ride a skateboard should be fitted for a custom-made mouth protector. Mouth protectors are also essential for gymnastics, soccer, martial arts, biking, and handball. People who play contact and individual sports should always consider a mouth protector.

Types of Mouthguards

Your dentist in Southern California explains that there are three types of mouth protectors. Standard, Boil and Bite and Custom Made Mouthguards.

Standard Mouth Protector

While standard mouthguards are better than nothing at all, they are not very comfortable. People wearing standard mouth protectors often complain of discomfort. This type of mouthguard also makes it difficult to talk and breathe.

Boil and Bite

A step up from the standard variety, boil and bite mouth protectors are fitted after you place in hot water. These are a little bit more comfortable, but still cumbersome. Sadly just like standard mouthguards, boil and bite usually stay in the gym bag or locker room.

Custom Made Mouthguards

By far custom made mouthguards offer players the best protection. Made to fit using pictures and a mold, your Arizona dentist custom makes mouthguards for children and adults. These types of mouth protectors allow you to breathe and talk comfortably.

Custom Made Mouthguards for the Family

Trips to the ER happen, but not as often when mouth protectors are part of the uniform. In fact, you will save time and money when you invest in custom made mouthguards.

For more information regarding custom made mouthguards, contact a dentist in Southern California near you.