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Dental Implants and What you Need to Know

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Why Dental Implants?

This procedure is a strong and sturdy replacement for missing teeth. In fact, it’s the best.

If you follow the dental blog you will recall that implants are made from titanium or human grade bioidentical products for those who are allergic.

These posts or screws are surgically implanted in or on the jaw. Because of a process known as osseointegration, the bone fuses to the post or screw. This makes it a permanent replacement for missing teeth.

Once the post has fused to the bone, which takes approximately six months or longer depending on the patient, the screws are capped with artificial teeth.

Depending on how many teeth are replaced you’ll have a full set or a single artificial tooth. If you are having single implants the team from The Dental Views will match the artificial implant crowns to the rest of your smile.

Are Dental Views Okay for Everyone?

Your implant dentist in Arizona explains that while most people are excellent candidates others are not.

For instance, people who smoke won’t heal as quickly as non-smokers. Moreover, pipe, Hookah, cigarette and cigar smokers have a higher percentage of implant failure as well.

People who suffer from certain systemic diseases and those who are not good with oral hygiene also have a higher risk of dental implant failure.

For some it’s the medication that impedes healing. If this is your problem, talk to your primary care physician about changing your prescription if you are considering this type of tooth replacement.

Why You’ll Love Dental Implants

Your implant dentist in Arizona can’t help but share the excellent benefits. In addition, he would love to share and help enjoy them too.

Don’t forget to download the Free Dental Implants E-Book for answers to all of your tooth replacement questions. You’ll be prepared when you call The Dental Views.

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