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Dental Views Full Dentures Partials

Missing teeth are a huge problem for millions of people. People who have missing teeth have a difficult time biting and chewing. If you have missing teeth, you know how difficult it can be to talk or even smile.

For people who are missing most, if not all of their teeth, whether from disease, or an injury, full dentures may be the best solution. However, according to The Dental Views there are some things to consider before you decide on partial or full dentures.

Full Dentures

The Dental Views explains that full dentures are custom made to replace missing teeth. All teeth in the lower and upper part of the mouth must be extracted. Once removed, gums require healing before dentures are fitted.

Dentures are fashioned from plastic or flesh-colored acrylic made to rest on your gums. When properly fitted, dentures fit and feel comfortable serving as a replacement for natural teeth.

Full dentures are removed at night for cleaning. Keep in mind that today’s dentures look much more real than your Grandmothers dentures did.

full dentures
how partial dentures differ from full dentures

How Partial Dentures Differ From Full Dentures

If you are only missing a few teeth, talk to The Dental Views about partial dentures. If the rest of your teeth are fairly healthy and strong, your natural teeth could be the base for a set of partial dentures. Partial dentures consist of one plate with one or more artificial teeth attached.

Partial dentures are made from the same acrylic or plastic flesh colored base as a full set of dentures. Partials fit perfectly on the top, and/or bottom half of your mouth replacing the space with natural looking prosthetic teeth.

Just like full sets of dentures, partials are removed so that they can be soaked in a cleaning solution while you sleep.

How Long Do Dentures Take?

If you are opting for full dentures the rest of your teeth need to be extracted. As previously mentioned, the gums must heal, which takes about two or three months.

After healing a mold or impression is made for your new dentures. This helps fine tune or change the fit of your partial or full denture.

how long do dentures take?

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Dr. Zareh

Meet Dr. Mohammad Zareh

Dr. Zareh found his passion for Dentistry in the year 2000. While completing his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Riverside he started working at a family dental practice part time. This college job allowed him to appreciate the great impact oral health had on the lives of patients early on. In 2003, Dr. Zareh started his freshman year at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. While attending USC he was involved in numerous community programs to serve the less fortunate individuals of Los Angeles County. He was also allowed to work with some of the most renowned names in dentistry with the amazing clinical instructors that USC had to offer.

In 2007, After graduating with honors from USC Dr. Zareh began working for a large group practice as the managing Dentist. In a group practice setting Dr. Zareh began to see the benefits and values that a great team of dentists can create for patients. He also realized that there were many areas of personal touch and care that were missing for the patients in that setting. He was passionate about changing that.

In 2010, Dr. Zareh decided to start his own group with our first location in his hometown of Riverside, CA. Since then he has worked hard to build a team of caring dental professionals around him to serve our patients in 9 locations throughout Southern California. He has also dedicated himself to hundreds of hours of continuing education to ensure that our patients receive the most up to date care currently available. He believes in guiding patients to achieve optimal oral health and helping them maintain this for a lifetime.