EMERGENCY? Contact us now (888) 348-0952 or fill out the form below for an immediate appointment!
EMERGENCY? Contact us now (888) 348-0952 or fill out the form below for an immediate appointment!

24 Hours a Day

On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, your emergency dentist in Southern California and your emergency dentist in Arizona understand the importance of emergency dental care.

Whether it is a toothache that will not go away, or a blow to the face from a flying object, your emergency dentist from The Dental Views has got you covered with same day appointments for emergency dental care.

Don’t Delay


The longer you delay a visit with an emergency dentist, potentially the worse things will get. Remember, toothaches will not go away by themselves and you are recommended to schedule an appointment.

Large cavities usually mean root canal therapy and a dental crown. Had you seen an emergency dentist in Arizona when you first started feeling pain you probably would have only needed a simple dental filling.

Why Emergency Dental Care is Vital

Having an emergency dentist on speed dial is essential, regardless of your situation. Big families as well as single adults all go through dental emergencies from time to time and that is where The Dental Views comes in.

For example, depending on the situation, a knocked out tooth can be put back into the socket as long as you seek treatment immediately. If you wait, it will be impossible to put the missing tooth back where it belongs leaving you with a missing tooth.

The same can be said for that toothache you have had for the past few months. Pain is an indication that something is wrong. Your toothache could stem from a cavity or from an old restoration that has allowed additional decay to enter the tooth.


Emergency Dental Care


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