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Family Friendly Dental Care

The Dental Views offers patients customized options that are perfect for you and your entire family. It’s a dental practice that is family friendly and compassionate when it comes to dental care.

From the moment your child’s first tooth makes an appearance, the team from The Dental Views will be there to help you get started with oral hygiene.

Your Southern California pediatric dentist has the knowledge and expertise to give every member of your family a head start when it comes to oral health.

Pediatric Dentistry and Dental Care

Teaching your kids about dental care starts early. Massaging and wiping down gums after meals and then brushing that first tooth or teeth shows your sons and daughters the importance of twice daily brushing and daily dental care.

For additional pediatric dentistry tips contact your Arizona pediatric dentist. Firstly, it helps the entire family. Secondly, it never hurts to brush up on your own oral hygiene habits.

Dental Sealants and More

Dental sealants literally seal out food particles and bacteria. This is especially important for a growing child’s teeth. With that being said, adults who have natural teeth, in other words, no restorations, are also great candidates for dental sealants.

Painted on the back molars and crevices in the teeth, the sealants, made from human grade dental plastic work great and can last as long as decade. However, just like everything dental, you need to practice good oral hygiene. This of course includes regular dental checkups with The Dental Views.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are more than what you get from the tap or that tube of toothpaste. This type of treatment takes a few minutes and applied by your Southern California dentist with a tray, brush, swab or mouth rinse.

Fluoride treatments protect the enamel on your teeth while fighting bacteria at the same time. The enamel on your teeth is what protects you from tooth decay and is the outer layer of your teeth.

Regular Dental Checkups for the Family

Every member of your family should see a dentist in Arizona at least twice a year. The Dental Views recommends more frequent visits for those who are susceptible to periodontitis and dental carries.

During your regular dental checkups, The Dental Views will also check your dental restorations to make sure that they are free from chips and cracks.

The Dental Views for Dental Care

The Dental Views is your one stop dental practice for family care. Call or send a text and schedule dental appointments for you and the rest of your family.

Dental care starts early. Call or send a direct message and schedule your dental appointments with The Dental Views today.