Dental Views Core Values, Mission, & Vision

Here at The Dental Views, our patients and employees feel that this is a special place. We passionately believe there are two reasons for this feeling, and they are what make us different from any other dental practice. The first being; our core values, and the other is the discipline we live by. We welcome you to give us feedback on how well we do with regards to representing and honoring these.

Beginning with our core values, they reflect what’s is sincerely important to us as an organization and form the foundation of which we perform our work and conduct our professional selves. These are not descriptions of the work we do or the techniques we use to carry out our organization’s mission.

These core values are the basic elements and foundation of how we go about our work to ensure that this is a practice and environment where patients and top-caliber employees want to belong to. These are the practices we strive to use every day in everything we do. Our core values are constant and define our everyday work, our interactions, and the techniques we use to achieve our goals. It’s critical to achieving our vision that the people we hire share these values. We demonstrate by our hiring decisions and investments, research, training, and continuous development to demonstrate how seriously we take these core values.


Value: is the cornerstone on which our business is centered. Our #1 objective is to add value to the lives of all our patients and all our people.
Invest: we invest in the hiring and training of great people and assist them in becoming even greater in both their personal and professional journeys. We respectively invest in our communities, and our patients—adding unabated value to their lives through an unparalleled patient experience, and through an inexhaustible desire to be trustworthy stewards and overtly patient-centered servant-leaders.

Empowering: we constantly strive to empower our staff and teams to reach their greatest potential throughout their careers. With company events, and personal development plans, we aim to empower everyone to be confident stewards in their professional endeavors.

World-class: we strive to provide a world-class patient experience to all of our patients, and an unequaled work environment for all of our people.

Service-driven: our desire to wholeheartedly serve our patients is a foundational principle of our organization. Which motivates our drive to come together and progressively evolve our services to consistently meet our patient’s needs.  

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