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Professional Teeth Whitening for Optimal Results

Professional teeth whitening is at the top of the list when it comes to improving a smile. People all over the world purchase billions of dollars worth of gels, pastes, trays, rinses and strips, but do those over the counter whitening products really work?

professional_teeth_whiteningToo Much Tooth Whitening Can Be Problematic

While you will see some results with over the counter teeth whitening products, you will not get as bright as smile as you would with professional tooth whitening. As a result, people who use over the counter whiteners will often use the product too often. Some people use too much of it.

Dr. Zareh from Dental Views explains that too much product will damage enamel, cause sensitive teeth, and gums and could make your teeth chalky and bluish looking.

Those trays that you get are one size fits all causing even more issues for your gums.

Custom made whitening trays fit securely against the gum line, while one size fits all trays allow for product seepage.

A Whiter Smile Builds Self Confidence

A healthy, white smile helps confidence, but can also help with that job interview. People with nice grins tend to be more self-assured showing potential employers they are worthy of the job.

Having a healthy and happy smile also makes you more approachable. When you put on a happy face people are more inclined to smile back and shake your hand.

Professional Tooth Whitening and More

With over nine locations in California and Arizona, Dental Views is always offering specials for professional teeth whitening. Be sure to check the website for whitening and other dental specials including checkups and cleanings.

The best cosmetic dentist is ready to tackle your unhappy smile. Call and schedule a no obligation professional teeth whitening consultation or a comprehensive dental checkup with Dental Views today.