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Tobacco Products are Harmful for Teeth and Gums

Tobacco products are harmful to both overall and oral health. In fact, people who smoke and chew have a higher risk of gum disease, tooth loss, and dental implant failure.

Your dentist in Southern California explains that cigarette, cigar, pipe, and hookah pipe smokers all pose the same risk, with chewing tobacco products containing the most toxic chemicals.

Why Smoking is Bad for Overall Health

Everyone understands how bad smoking is for overall health. Not only does it up the risk of most cancers, but it also changes the way you look. You can easily spot a smoker by the lines that he or she has around the face. Smoking also causes heart attacks, stroke, and COPD.

While most know the dangers of tobacco, most aren’t aware of what it really does to teeth and gums.

Why Tobacco is Bad for Teeth and Gums

Smoker’s teeth will yellow and discolor, but it isn’t just appearance that is affected with tobacco use. Habitual tobacco users often have chronic bad breath or halitosis. As a result, smokers and people who chew tobacco won’t get rid of it unless they quit.

Tar and nicotine also impede the healing process putting smokers and chewers in the high-risk category for dental implant failure.

Oral Health Problems

The team from Dental Views in Arizona explains that smoking always leads to gum disease.

Gingivitis, and the more serious periodontitis are responsible for tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss, but can also be fatal. Tooth staining, gum disease, tooth loss and mouth cancer are just a few of the problems that come with tobacco use.

Stained Teeth and Tobacco

Your dentist in Southern California explains that people who have just started smoking will notice stains in very little time.

Heavy smokers often have brown teeth because of the tobacco and nicotine. Smokers will need more frequent professional cleanings to keep teeth clean.

Tobacco and Gum Disease

All types of tobacco can cause problems with your gums. Because people who smoke and chew have higher levels of plaque, they are at risk for gum disease.

Smoking decreases oxygen levels in the blood stream. This makes it difficult for gums to heal if subjected to food particles, bacteria, and acid.

Smoking and Cancer

People who smoke and chew have a higher risk of oral cancers including tongue, cheek, lip, gum, throat and esophageal cancers. Every year millions of people across the globe lose their life because of tobacco.

Smoking and Your Dentist in Arizona

While quitting is the best defense against gum disease caused from smoking, it is tough. See your doctor and schedule frequent dental appointments in Arizona.

Comprehensive dental checkups help your dentist take note of anything that doesn’t look right and will recommend a biopsy for further examination. If you smoke, you will also need to see your dental hygienist more often to get rid of stains.

If you would like to learn more about tobacco and oral health, call, text or schedule an online appointment with the Dental Views today.